‘The American Dream’ is as much myth as reality

What does “the American Dream” mean to you?

While there might be a variety of answers to that question, they will likely fall within a tight range, focusing on one’s ability to pursue happiness. That idea is even written into our Constitution.

However, “the American Dream” is a phrase that has become heavy in our political discourse, maybe even distorting reality when it comes to the debate over who we should be and what our government should be doing to facilitate our pursuit of happiness.

Dr. Cyril Ghosh, professor of political science at Wagner College and author of The Politics of The American Dream, argues that the American Dream is far more difficult to obtain than most people think.

“Upward social mobility [in America], on the one hand is definitely not the norm,” Ghosh said. “On the other hand it’s possible to become Bill Gates… you can be self-made. ”

Carmen Russell-Sluchansky’s conversation with Ghosh:

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