SC congressional race down to the wire as party leaders step up efforts

Candidates in South Carolina’s first congressional district race finished their final day before the special election with a number of events throughout the district, all aimed at getting voters out to the polls on Tuesday.

National attention has focused on this race for Congress that pits a scandalous ex-governor, Mark Sanford, against the sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Colbert Busch. The latest polling suggests it’s still anyone’s victory as Republicans rally to try to keep the seat and Democrats are tempted by an off-year pickup.

Host Carmen Russell-Sluchansky has been in South Carolina reporting on the race. In exclusive interviews, he spoke with a number of party leaders, including Republican nominee Mark Sanford, State Democratic Party chairman Jaime Harrison, Charleston County Republican Party Chairman Joe Bustos, South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn, Texas Congressman Jaoquin Castro and some constituents.

Gov. Mark Sanford:

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Rep. Jim Clyburn:

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Joe Bustos:

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Jaime Harrison:

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Rep. Joaquin Castro:

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Mary Martha Hubner:

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Due Diligence spoke with Gov. Sanford on three major topics facing the country and his campaign.

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