Sanford, Colbert Busch may face off in SC special election

The election to fill South Carolina Junior Senator Jim DeMint’s House seat has attracted interesting candidates, but probably none more so than the two who are likely to face off in the general election.

Due Diligence’s Carmen Russell-Sluchansky talks with Corey Hutchins, reporter for the Columbia Free Times:



Mark Sanford, the state’s former governor, will compete in a runoff election tomorrow for the Republican nomination in the state’s 1st congressional district, a seat which he previously held in the 1990s. In a general primary on March 19, Sanford took 37 percent of the vote in a race between 16 Republican candidates. His vote total alone was greater than the total number of voters in the democratic primary, where Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, easily won and will not be required to compete in a run-off. But since Sanford did not win a clear majority, he is required to compete in a run-off election with a previously unheard of candidate. Charleston County Councilman, Curtis Bostic, took 13 percent of the vote in the primary. While a small showing comparatively, Bostic has surprised pollsters and politicos by outperforming expectations.

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