Police Shoot, Kill Man for Throwing Stones

(Photo by Tony Webster)

A 30-year-old man threw rocks at a police cruiser near a police station. One officer shot the man who was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Officers in Phoenix, Arizona told local news that an as-of-yet unnamed assailant was throwing rocks at an officer in his cruiser as he was leaving a station. The man then threw a rock at another officer coming out of the front door of the police station.

The officer in the squad car returned while other officers came out of the station to make contact with the assailant. The man threw another rock at an officer. That rock hit a tree but bounced off, striking the officer.

That officer fired a single shot, hitting the assailant putting him in critical condition.

The suspect was then taken to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The officer who was hit by the rock was treated at the scene.

Police said they have not ascertained any motives behind the rock-throwing attack.

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