Obamacare back on the hill as House GOP vows to repeal it, again

As the country trudges toward full implementation of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – on Thursday, house Republicans plan to vote to repeal it yet again.

Odds are that nothing will come of it. Yet, even though it hasn’t been as bad of a week for the Health and Human Services Department as it has been for other government agencies like the IRS and the DOJ — there have been newly uncovered issues that threaten to further slow the process.

Concerns have been raised throughout the country on how exactly states will implement the new act and how much it would cost.

More recently, there have been allegations that HHS director, Kathleen Sebelius, may have been traveling the country to fundraise for a pro-Obamacare lobby group — a conflict of interest raising ire and concern from republicans who are now conducting an investigation.

But what may be better news, HHS announced on Tuesday that they arrested 89 people have been arrested around the country for Medicare fraud totaling to $223 million. Yet, some say that this too paints federally funded health care in a negative light.

Host Carmen Russell-Sluchansky spoke with Elise Viebeck, reporter of The Hill’s “Healthwatch” blog, to discuss these issues.

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