Now That’s Christmas Cheer: Free Joints for the Homeless

Activists in Denver, Colorado have been going around the city to give the homeless a little something to make the holiday more festive. They weren’t offering coats or food, but rather marijuana.

Cannabis Can, a Denver-based nonprofit, decided the best way to spread holiday cheer was to offer pre-rolled marijuana joints to the homeless. The group’s founder, Nick Dicenzo, told Denver7 they looking to raise awareness about homelessness.

“Merry Christmas and a puff puff, New Year’s,” said one woman who accepted a joint, according to the local station.

However, the end game isn’t just getting the homeless high: The group hopes the publicity will help them raise money to buy RV’s and provide restrooms and showers for those in need.

“‘Cannabis can make a difference,’ is kind of what we’re standing for,” Dicenzo told Denver7.

“What do you say to people who don’t agree with what you’re doing?” asked Denver7 Reporter Jennifer Kovaleski.

“Merry Christmas, Happy Cannamas — would you like some rolling papers for tobacco?” Dicenzo replied.

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