Ahead of Christie’s re-election race, what are the main issues in Jersey?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is again bucking his own party and calling for expanded background checks and other measures to curb gun violence and this in a state that already has some of the national’s toughest gun control laws.

Some of his proposals are decidedly controversial such as making it easier for courts to commit people to mental health treatment against their will. Never mind the move may impact his potential 2016 candidacy for the president.

Right now, though, Christie is technically running for re-election. The New Jersey Gubernatorial election is still six months away, but many are calling it a done deal. Christie is a popular national figure, even having been named one of Time’s 100 most influential people.

Still, this hasn’t stopped Democrats from putting up an effort candidate in Barbara Buono, a state senator having served as the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and as majority leader. However, polling shows her down by as much as 35 points and, despite being the presumptive Democratic nominee, contributions are short.

Host Carmen Russell-Sluchansky spoke with Paul Mulshine, a columnist for New Jersey Star-Ledger, to discuss the race.


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