Senate Debates Debating Gun Bill; Margaret Thatcher Dies at 87

Senate Debates Debating Gun Regulation Bill

Democrats and the president are scrambling to come up with a gun regulation bill that could get enough Republican support to pass the Senate. Banning assault weapon characteristics or limiting magazine size are dead-on-arrival leaving Dems to fight for universal background checks. Democrats are reaching out to unlikely allies such as PA Senator Tim Toomey. Others such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are threatening to filibuster any legislation that includes any increase in regulations. We talk to Reid Epstein, White House Reporter for Politico.

“Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher Dies at 87

The first – and only – woman to be elected to the post of Prime Minister of the UK, Baroness Margaret Thatcher, died earlier today at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke. Thatcher, dubbed the “Iron Lady,” is considered by many to be the most consequential British prime minister since Winston Churchill, and also the most conservative. During her service, she pushed for privatization of many formerly nationalized programs, won a war against Argentina for possession of the Falkland Islands, and reopened relations between Britain and the USSR. She is also remembered for her ideological similarities and personal friendship with U.S. President Ronald Reagan. A hero for conservatives in the United Kingdom, Thatcher’s take no prisoners approach made her enemies among Irish partisans, labor groups and even from some in her own party, leading to her resignation. To weigh in on Thatcher’s life and legacy, we talk to Dr. Peter Trumbore, Political Science Professor at Oakland University, who has done extensive research into the Irish Civil War and the Anglo-Irish peace process. We also talk to Benjamin Harris-Quinney, Chairman of the Bow Group, England’s oldest conservative think tank.

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